Madeleine Albright writes in Fascism a Warning that fascism has become fashionable in public discourse. The world is experiencing a resurgence in alt-right extremism leading to fascism in many countries, including Canada which, is not immune.

My journey into the study of fascism originated with an interview given by Professor Richard Wolff and his guest Professor Noam Chomsky in January 2021. I hold both men in high esteem and as mentors.

Chomsky concludes from subject expertise and personal experience that the current capitalistic system is broken. He asserts there are two ways out, social democracy or fascism. World governments and corporations’ inability and limited monetary incentive to deal with inequality and climate change are not conducive to the current capitalistic system. He adds they are existential threats and emphatically states climate change must be resolved in the next ten years, or all else is moot.

Also, he states the working class and disenfranchised on all sides of the political spectrum feel disillusioned and cheated by governments, opposition parties, and representatives of all stripes. The status quo is coming to an end as it has no solutions. The current system offers the same old repeated rhetoric that favours the rich and the elite.

Without substantial change, grassroots ideals and conspiracies will sprout and lead to activism and revolution. The grassroots will rise and, a winner will be declared. The warriors, symbols and colours of social democracy and fascism are organizing and ready to take their place once more in history.

The primary references in this publication come from the leading professors of academia and intellectuals of the 20th and 21st century including, Robert Paxton, Jason Stanley, Madeleine Albright, Umberto Eco, Chris Hedge, Noam Chomsky, Richard Wolff, and Cornell West.

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